The story of Kärnfilm

Kärnfilm was founded in 2016 as an independent production company in collaboration between producers Martina Stöhr, Petra Jönsson and Daniel Sachs. The company has since produced high-end Film and TV-series for both the Swedish and global market. The vision and core idea of Kärnfilm is to produce contemporary quality feature content that in some way or another comments or reflects on the world around us. Strong and relevant stories, great talent and uncompromised quality — regardless of format — are key for Kärnfilm in all current projects and future endeavors.

Martina Stöhr (Producer)

With more than thirty years in the industry, Martina Stöhr has been producing movies, tv-series and commercials in some of the most exciting and innovative collaborations with directors such as Amir Chamdin, Colin Nutley and Jonas Åkerlund among many others. Between 2006–2016 Martina Stöhr ran the successful production company Chamdin & Stöhr with client such as H&M. During those years she produced features such as God Willing, Cornelis and Stockholm Stories. Martina is producer or executive producer on almost every project at Kärnfilm. In addition to producing Martina Stöhr has written the original screenplay for the award-winning features Misa Mi and God Willing.

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Petra Jönsson (Producer)

Throughout her twenty plus years in the film industry, Petra Jönsson has been involved in a vast number of large-scale productions, including the blockbuster A Holy Mess, directed by Helena Bergström. Between 2004 and 2015 Petra Jönsson was attached to the production company Sweetwater, producing films for Colin Nutley and Helena Bergström such as The Medicine, Julie and Änglagård — Tredje gången gillt. Prior to founding Kärnfilm together with Martina Stöhr, Petra was employed at The Swedish Film Institute in the capacity of Production Controller. Petra is producer or executive producer on almost every project at Kärnfilm.

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Daniel Sachs (Executive Producer)

Daniel Sachs has been active in film production since 2000 when he became Chairman of Renck Åkerlund Films. Throughout a long career, with ventures in many different fields of business and investment, Sachs has always been a strong patron of the arts. Between 2009 and 2017 Sachs was the Chairman of the Board at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. Together with Martina Stöhr, he co-founded the production company Chamdin & Stöhr in 2006 and has in the position of executive producer been involved in several features, such as Cornelis, Stockholm Stories, Border(Gräns), Everything I don't remember and Downloading Nancy.

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